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Why Am I Blogging?

September 11, 2009

I’m going to start off by protecting my privacy just a bit and I won’t say too much about my biography. At least not at first. I’ve never blogged before and I’m just kind of feeling my way through the process. Nevertheless, a few details shall be provided that I hope will place subsequent entries in context.

I’m 48 years old. I work with computers. I play percussion with my church worship team. I’m a white guy married to a beautiful Hispanic woman and we are expecting our first child in late December/early January. I’m an evangelical Christian who voted for Obama and I’ve been feeling rather alienated from so many of my fellow evangelicals because of my political beliefs.

So why am I blogging? First, I love movies and music and would like to share my thoughts on works of art that stir my soul and make me feel alive. Besides, I’ve always wanted to write film and music criticism. So why not?

The other thing that I’m going to be blogging about is my belief that an unholy alliance between evangelical Christians and the Republican party is causing the church and our nation great harm. It’s time for a divorce. God is not one to say that the ends justify the means. It is not acceptable for Christians to align themselves with a political party that embraces xenophobia, that has racist tendencies, that foments violence, and that uses ideological speech (lies) to spread fear and loathing. 

I guess that I’m going to try to explain why I’ve left the Republican party behind me and become a strong supporter of President Obama, even though many of my fellow evangelicals believe that it’s not possible to be both a Christian and a Democrat. I believe that it is and if you occasionally read my blogs entries you’ll discover why I believe the way I do.

May our future conversations be civil and enlightening and precious!